internet phone

What is an internet phone or VoIP?

Firstly, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and in its most basic form is the use of an internet connection instead of a phone line to make voice calls. VoIP is also known as internet phone or IP telephony and how it all works is by a VoIP system taking your analogue voice data and changing it to a digital signal that can then be transported over the internet through your broadband line.

One of the main bonuses of using an internet phone or VoIP line is that everything becomes cheaper. Overall is will cost less or cost nothing to call some distant areas, calls to other countries are a lot cheaper and allows you to spend more time effectively and cost efficient.

As money is an important factor it would be obvious that maintenance, hardware and software are something to take into account. At UK Phone Systems, we can provide you modern day phone systems, software, should you not want a physical phone and it will all be used on a cloud PBX to avoid most maintenance fees and make set up for new users easier and cheaper.

Internet phone is the most up-to-date technology in when compared to normal phone lines and can create less of a hassle for small businesses as they will have less down time and usually never have connection to interference issues which are harder to find and solve on phone lines. Internet phone also allows you to use a wide variety of features that make small businesses look large and large businesses more professional.

With our system you can use all the features below:

  • Caller ID – changing what people see from you (a different number) when calling out or seeing who is calling before you pick up.
  • Anonymous blocking – Allowing you to keep all callers with a withheld number from hassling you.
  • Call waiting – the ability to answer a new incoming call while the previous call is on hold.
  • Call forwarding – Lets you forward calls to another phone within your business, company or site. You can also have calls forwarded directly to another phone or your mobile and not to your office phone.
  • Do not disturb – Easy access to make it that your phone will not be called and transfer all to voice mail or call forwarding if set.
  • Phone twinning – Should there be intervals when you’re away from your office phone but it could be an important call, with call twinning you can twin your mobile or another phone with your main phone so when someone calls your main phone, both will ring.

Overall Internet phone or VoIP out classes Landlines, as you can make calls longer and sometimes free when overseas which costs more money on landlines.