phone system services

Our Award Winning Phone System Services for Home and Offices

UK Phone Systems provides award winning phone system services using cost effective and advanced cloud based telephone services that work for both small to larger businesses.

These services are used by VoIP phones and are easy to learn how to use. Just like using a normal landline, VoIP phones will use your internet connection instead of a normal modem line. This allows you to have a high quality line that is easier and faster to maintain and fix. These lines are cheaper than normal lines and are better as more and larger companies are switching over to save money.

With UK Phones Systems, you will not need to go through the long and costly process of switching to another line and installing a new one as long as you have an internet connection within your building, which we can also provide.

You also have the option of using a cloud based PBX which will reduce the amount of hardware you need on premises, bring down the costs or completely get rid of up-front costs, simple to set up and maintain over the internet, easier to keep it up-to-date, takes seconds to add new users, cheaper costs with calls being over the internet and your number isn’t tied to a location as you can use any geographic code wherever you are (subject to availability of numbers in that area).

Selecting the Supreme Phone System Service for Your Business

If you would prefer to have the phone systems on site, then our phone system services can setup a plan that will help with the setup and maintenance of your equipment and with this you will be able to have more phone users.

Lastly with our phone system services, you will have an abundant of features that will allow you to do call monitoring reports, forward and divert calls for easier management and less time taken from the customer, call recording, reduced cost on long distance calls, phone twinning which allows you to answer calls from any other phone as long as it is twinned with your main phone, auto call forwarding if you are not going to be in the office and you have the option to use software calling apps like skype and this will free space and decrease maintenance costs.

Through cloud based services and advanced phone system services you can rely on us to have your requests of having an easy to manage calling centre, organised calling queues with auto attendants to back. These phone system services are just what every business needs no matter how small or new the company is.