phone systems

What is considered the best phone systems? The need for phone systems always vary between companies and those with small businesses often miss out on this advantage should communications takes a role. Small businesses often lacking in this area are subject to having customers ignore their calls as they would be low quality, often disconnecting or not trustworthy.

UK Phone Systems aims to eliminate this disadvantage with high quality phone lines and state-of-the-art calling features like call forwarding, IVR and more. Our phone systems are held over a digital line and uses a cloud based PBX that saves space and keeps maintenance of the service and products little to nothing. Saving your company money is something that is very important and with us calls to local and some international areas will be free and also cheaper than land lines.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) lines work by transmitting phone data over the internet which makes it cheaper as you are mostly just paying for the number. These VoIP phone system also come with their own features that work with the cloud PBX like auto call forwarding (all calls go to another number) and over the phone meetings using voice and video if your phone is equipped with a camera.

What’s the best phone systems?

Our phone system not just help with the saving of your business but allow benefit your productivity as it can make your workers more flexible as some can answer their office phones from home or their mobile should you want the feature enabled.

For those companies more invested on having their phone system within their facility you can still have a PBX system which will give you a solid base to work around and expansion can happen whenever you feel. The only disadvantage to this is that if anything goes wrong it can cost you money and over time will hinder your growth as it will take up lots of space and maintenance costs.

Overall there is no 100% best phone system but you must consider what the best one for your company is. All of the VoIP phones have features that they share and are more unique to them. So, should you be a company with many sites or directors with little time, you may want to get a system that allows you to making meetings and high quality conversations without that physical presence. For calling centres you may want an IVR to answer and route calls to make the calling process more organised, processed in a timely fashion and cost effective.