Phone System

What do you know about the Phone System?
The invention of the first telephone was done back in the year 1876 by the Engineer and inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

It had allowed people to talk with the other person in long distance.

Since the invention of the telephone, it has changed the lives of people.

In today’s world, the people can see the phone system is many various forms and types.

The utilization of the phone is done for both personal as well as official use. The telephone technology has improved noticeably since the first phone that was used decades ago. Still this or that way the companies and organizations are depended on the telephone.

The different kinds of telephone systems are been division of this progressive procedure.

The phones systems are available in the various formats and technology such as :

analog telephone systems

digital telephone systems

hybrid phone systems.

People can also find the latest IP based phone systems that are known by the name of VoIP service.

Different Types of Phone Systems

Now that you know the different types of phone systems, it is time to look at the differences amongst the analog and digital telephone systems. The digital phone systems have the most popularity amongst many numbers of people in today’s time. The functionality of the analog and digital phones is completely different.

The analog phone systems use the technology of the electrical as the primary one where it converts the sound waves into the electrical signal. On the other hand, the digital phone systems use the sound waves to convert into the binary format. More precisely the digital phone system saves your voice by making use of the technology known as time division multiplexing. When the people make use of the digital phone system, your voice is converted in the digital sampling in the particular time slots.

By doing this conversion of the voice in time slots, the digital phone system does not need to use the complete bandwidth to transmit the data. The digital phone systems make use of the clock synchronization to use digital samples while converting the received packets back in the sound waves.

The Analog and Digital Phone System

The other different from the analog and digital phones system is that the analog phone system can only manage the only one conversation at single time. On the other hand, the digital phone systems make use of the multiple voice samples to compress in one big sample to get transmitted allowing it to manage the multiple conversations on a single line. Since the decades, many organizations and companies had used the analog phone system for their utilization.

With the increasing popularity of the digital phone, systems have replaced the old outdated analog phone system in many organizations. Now even with the technology improvement, the new technology of the phone is used all over the world. People know this technology with the name of the VoIP.

The name describes the operation of the phone system. It uses the internet to transmit the converted voice samples. With the wide range of the internet, it allows people to make the call to remote locations as well. The technology of the VoIP phone system is not used in the organizations and companies that are in various sizes.

Phone System