NEW Telephone System Prices & Save Up To 60%! - Start from £7.99 per month.

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New Telephone System Prices & Save Up To 60%!

Start from £7.99 per month.

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UK Phone System

We work with many customers and partners principally in London, but also all over the UK. At present, our most important relationships are with:

A Supreme Deal For UK Phone System

Need a business phone system in UK? We can provide all the answers…

UK Phone System

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Unconventional Search for Premier Business Phone System in UK

UK Phone System

UK Phone System Will Find You the Most Reasonable Yet Bespoke Deals that Meet Your Requirements

Why UK Phone Systems?

At UK Phone Systems, Our solutions are the most genuine while the best cost effective. We offer reliable solutions to meet all your communication requirements or needs for all sizes of business from small one Man Company to large corporate enterprises.

Features With UK Phone

Awesome features that comes with our entire QUOTE Phone systems are loaded with features that small businesses need and big businesses take for granted


Automated Welcome message and menu option

Call Queuing

automated queuing system, you company never miss a call or engaged calls.

Hunt Groups

route incoming call to specifics handsets and call forward when busy or unanswered.

business phone system in london

Company Directory

integrate with outlook for automatic dialling or giving you the caller information.

Music on Hold

playing music or company advertisement or company message while callers on hold.

Out of hours

Manage your out of hours calls using auto attendant and call announcements.

Why Choose UK Phone Systems?

Our host is per user licence model which eliminates the burden of paying for the expensive phone systems up front.

You are no longer tied to the local telephone exchange and can choose numbers that suit the way you do business and if you move premises the number simply move with the handsets.

Number porting has never been easier. Temporary numbers are provided for porting/ testing periods so there is no impact on your business.

As you grow so you can use our hosted id. On-site phone systems have physical limited to the number of users. Hosted id a per user service where you simply add additional handsets/ users as you grow, subject to connectivity.

In the events of a platform failure, calls will automatically divert to a pre-defined external number that you supply. For connectivity / network issues, on site handsets can simply be plugged in at another location.

business phone systems in London

Our host is pro-actively monitored and updates as necessary.

Our hosted software updates are thoroughly tested and applied at no extra cost

One number which keeps you in touch with customers and colleagues so you never miss an important call. Access to admin portal allows you to manage all sites remotely so calls can be easily diverted between branches.

All branches, home and remote workers are on the same networks allowing free calls across internal users, Hunt groups and call transfer capability across sites.

Get up and running in no time. Once you have suitable connectivity in place, the handsets will arrive pre-configured and ready to go.

About Us


UK Phone Systems provides the greatest features with affordable price to our customer.

We are UK VoIP Business Solutions Provider and learn more about UK Phone Systems and why thousands of buyers have selected us for their business phone system in UK.

UK Phone Systems is offering award winning cloud based business phone systems, telephone services, hosted PBXs to businesses, VoIP phones, VoIP Business Solutions in both SMB and Enterprise Level markets. As a UK VoIP Business Solutions Provider, UK Phone Systems begins with a complimentary customer ROI review to determine service configurations and needs or requirements, client’s current data or voice operating costs etc. To reduce costs, The Company develops a plan, improve all services by reducing old technology while upgrading to advanced and improved cost efficient technology and phones.

As a UK VoIP Business Solutions Provider, UK Phone Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio of business phones and communications endpoints. We provide equipments for use in conference rooms, at desks and across campuses. We support in-office, remote, mobile and video users. Contact UK Phone Systems to start a consultation about the suitable phones for your business communications Solutions.

What UK Phone System Do?

UK Phone System, a communications installation, service, UK VoIP Business Solutions Provider and consulting firm which is dedicated to offering our clients with excellent service and value. We specialized in providing VoIP Business Solutions including CaaS, TDM PBX, SaaS, and SIP, VoIP and hosted communication systems and solutions that enabling our customers to streamline your processes to obtain advanced levels of productivity. We’re leading in provider of real-time telecommunications systems, service and applications.

Our Philosophy

If you need a basic business phone system in UK with best VoIP well-appointed attribute, you will be glad to know that each of’s small business phone system or VoIP Business come carrying with dozens of well-appointed features. We also provide new other features at no additional cost, but if you need only a Business phone system in UK with some business-class applications, we’ve got you covered. As a UK VoIP Business Solutions Provider, We provide scalable solutions that will keep your costs at a minimum as your business grows and no matter what the geographic location.

UK Phone System



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What Our Client Said

UK Phone Systems Reviews

Shard Global London
Shard Global London
15:01 27 Jun 16
Great experience using their phone systems and service. Was recommended this and I do not regret this over any of my other options. Wonderful service with fast setup, support and highly effective in my growing business.
Milky Way Logistics Ltd
Milky Way Logistics Ltd
12:18 27 Jun 16
Reliable Service and Brilliant Support! The phone systems are just awesome! We could cut costs considerablly. For us this is not just the phones and calls but all additional and value added services. Loads of interesting features. We would highly recommend UK Phone Systems and their services.
Ethan D'souza
Ethan D'souza
06:23 29 Apr 16
I used Phone Systems for my office in London, UK. They delivered high quality business phone service at very affordable price. I'm very happy with their services. Many Thanks!
pitter jhon
pitter jhon
10:22 21 Mar 16
I was looking for a good Phone Systems for my London, UK based small business. After a long time I found UK Phone Systems Company, I contacted them, I told my all requirements they understood easily my all needs, They implemented best phone systems in my office and I got my all problems has been solved. Really UK Phone was very useful for my business. Thanks!
Eliana Mariyo
Eliana Mariyo
09:14 05 Mar 16
Awesome services to help find Business phone Systems. I found the services offered to be really fast and highly effective. Straight forward form filled in minutes to get a free quote. Ease and speed of services come highly recommended.
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