Is VoIP Secure?

Is VoIP Secure

Would internet-based phone calls be completely safe or like traditional phone lines could be jeopardized by breaches?

VoIP calls have no established start point until the call begins which disappears as soon as the call ends. Therefore, if there is no proper encryption in place, even VoIP calls could be at risk.

VoIP can be secured using encryption methods.

UK Phone System could ensure the security risks of VoIP calls reduced even further by strong password protocols and multi-step authentication.

This will be especially important for those accessing UK Phone System Softphone through the app-based VoIP software on personal or business mobiles as these devices typically have much lower levels of protection.

Furthermore, UK Phone Systems provides extra layers of encryption to keep communications safe in transit, reducing the chance of communications being intercepted while call in progress.

Unlike on-site fixed PBX where software could be out of date and become more vulnerable to sophisticated attacks, UK phone system cloud base servers are regularly updated assuring to have the latest security protocols.

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