History of VoIP systems

Shard Global Ltd is one of the leading providers of VoIP systems, IT supports and creative website design in London which can bring your business to the next level of profitability and professionalism. Shard Global Ltd and its partner UK Phone Systems could save you in IT and telecoms expenses. By joining us, you would be benefited with the new generation of technologies which could lift your IT pressure from your path. Our experts will handle all the IT and telecom issues running around your business to make sure your business flows its healthy path.

Our new telephone systems will host connection of all the valued partners in the cloud to make the business running. Request a quote today for your VoIP systems and find a better deal comparing to others instantly.

UK Phone Systems Solutions includes:

  • -Full Phone System Functionality without need to buy a physical phone system
  • -There is no annual charge for maintenance
  • -Unlimited calls to UK Landline and Mobile*
  • -Porting your number from previous provider
  • -Free Inter Site calling that will connect homeworkers and other offices
  • -Increase or remove subscription (add or Remove Users), as your organisation evolves
  • -Moving Office now is simpler than ever, simply disconnect your phone and connect it to your new office or desk with the same number and configurations

* Include in full package

Each User (Subscription) on UK Phone Systems will receive:

  • Voicemail: Personalised greeting, with option to have voice message forwarded to user email address
  • Call Forwarding: Divert calls to another User, Mobile or voicemail when user is Busy or meeting or no answer
  • Phone Number (DDI – CLI ): Personal Direct Phone number
  • Withhold Number: Not showing your number when making external calls
  • Conferencing: making conference calls with multiple people inside or outside of your organisation
  • Call Park: Put calls on hold whilst transferring and speaking to another user
  • Speed Dial: setup short code for instant dial
  • Softphone: making and receiving call from any mobile, tablet or PC
  • Call Recording: record all your incoming and outgoing calls

Company Features on UK Phone Systems:

  • Auto-attendant: Automated Welcome message and menu option
  • Call Queuing: automated queuing system, you company never miss a call or engaged calls.
  • Hunt Groups: route incoming call to specifics handsets and call forward when busy or unanswered
  • Company Directory: integrate with outlook for automatic dialling or giving you the caller information
  • Music on Hold: playing music or company advertisement or company message while callers on hold
  • Out of hours: Manage your out of hours calls using auto attendant and call announcement
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