UK Phone Systems VoIP Benefits

Benefits of using UK Phone Systems and VoIP systems :

  • Low start-up cost

Our host is per user licence model which eliminates the burden of paying for the expensive phone systems up front.

  • Flexible

You are no longer tied to the local telephone exchange and can choose numbers that suit the way you do business and if you move premises the number simply move with the handsets.

  • Smooth Migration

Number porting has never been easier. Temporary numbers are provided for porting/ testing periods so there is no impact on your business.

  • Scale on demand

As you grow so you can use our hosted id. On-site phone systems have physical limited to the number of users. Hosted id a per user service where you simply add additional handsets/ users as you grow, subject to connectivity.

  • Disaster recovery

In the events of a platform failure, calls will automatically divert to a pre-defined external number that you supply. For connectivity / network issues, on site handsets can simply be plugged in at another location.

  • Security updates

Our host is pro-actively monitored and updates as necessary.

  • Application update

Our hosted software updates are thoroughly tested and applied at no extra cost

  • Productivity

One number which keeps you in touch with customers and colleagues so you never miss an important call. Access to admin portal allows you to manage all sites remotely so calls can be easily diverted between branches.

  • Keep your workforce connected

All branches, home and remote workers are on the same networks allowing free calls across internal users, Hunt groups and call transfer capability across sites.

  • Quick and easy to install

Get up and running in no time. Once you have suitable connectivity in place, the handsets will arrive pre-configured and ready to go.

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